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In 1999 then-owners of Sholan Farm, the Possick family of New Jersey, submitted plans for a 161-home subdivision to Leominster's Planning Board.

Mayor Dean Mazzarella immediately contacted the Possick family's attorney to notify them of the City's interest in purchasing Sholan Farm and to begin negotiating a purchase price.

Letters and e-mails from students, citizens, businesses and organizations from across the country came pouring in pleading with the City to save Sholan Farm and offering support and assistance for Leominster's efforts.

The Mayor's Office partnered with a local candle company, Wickey Wax Candle Shop, to sell Baked Apple Candles to help raise money to purchase the farm. This effort led to a national campaign through Appleseed's Catalog Company, with a mailing that went out to over 100,000 homes across the country.

Appleseed's Advertising company also greatly assisted with Leominster's fundraising efforts, creating gold apple pins and pewter pins that sya "Save the Orchard".

Mayor Mazzarella and the Possick family entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement in September of 2000 for a purchase price of $4.75 million.

The City has been working to raise money through donations, grants, and foundations to offset the cost to the City and, ultimately, the taxpayers.

Most recently, a group of residents has formed the Friends of Sholan Farm committee, which meets on Thursday evening at Leominster City Hall. Anyone wishing to join the Friends of Sholan Farm can contact the Mayor's Office at 978-534-7500.

Note: The Friends of Sholan Farm will be seeking volunteers to help man the farm during September and October. The farm will be open for Pick-Your-Own:

  • Thursday & Friday 10AM-2PM
  • Saturday & Sunday 10AM-4PM

Volunteers will be needed to collect money and pass out bags for people who come to pick apples. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Mayor's Office at 978-534-7500.

All volunteers are welcome!


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