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Before arriving in Leominster, Leslie stops off at the new Johnny Appleseed Visitor Center. Here, she meets Sarah Jennings. At first, Leslie is intrigued by Sarah's knowledge of Johnny Appleseed and all things relating to apples, but soon realizes that this woman knows a little too much.


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Here, Leslie meets Jack for the first time. This man is truly a "Jack of all trades" as Leslie soon finds out. Not only is Jack a videographer, but he's also a landscaper, and sells life insurance on the side.


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Leslie conducts various interviews relating to the legend of Johnny Appleseed and is surprised by people's knowledge of him. Notably, a botanist who claims Johnny was well known for bringing hard cider to the new frontier - NOT apples.


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The interviews continue down at the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Downtown Leominster. Leslie learns more interesting facts from various people including the president of the Leominster Business Association, and the chairwoman of the festival.


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Interviews wind down with comments from the Mayor and Johnny Appleseed himself! Then it's off to the birth place of John Chapman.


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The photos, (and movie), end with Jack and Leslie at John Chapman's birth marker. Here, Leslie is stunned to learn the real reason she's on assignment back in her home town.


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