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"Johnny" Wows Redlands

June 14, 2004 -- Report from Matt Proietti on screening at Redlands Invitational Film Festival. >> More


"Johnny" Rocks Marblehead

July 3, 2003 -- Report from AF Grant on screening at Marblehead Film Festival. >> More

July 2, 2003 -- The Marblehead Reporter warns that "Johnny" isn't family friendly. What sort of apple haters are these people! >> More


"Johnny" Fails to Wow Big Bear

September 14, 2002 -- Greetings from the Left Coast. I am just back from Big Bear. The audience response was tepid. Really only a couple of audible laughs. >> More


August 17, 2002 -- Just added a Festivals Page - so, you can easily keep track of the won/loss record of We've Got Johnny. >> See how we're doing.


August 17, 2002 -- The Real Story section has new postings and is completely up to date. >> Check it out!


August 8, 2002 -- Many new We've Got Johnny items for sale. >> Buy now.


Former Editor Writes Short Movie

July 25, 2002 -- As the old song rattles on that, “There’s no business like show business,” it doesn’t say a thing about cracking into Hollywood’s film industry, considered one of the toughest feats in the world.

Sometimes it’s a man-sized chunk of serendipity or a lucky accident that does the trick. Other times a number of unrelated things can conspire in your favor, and -- lo and behold! -- you’re almost standing tall into that magic world of make-believe. >> More


May 5, 2002 -- For those who might be interested in a Press Kit, we now have a PDF version for you. >> Download!


April 29, 2002 -- We've set up a simple process for buying a VHS copy of "We've Got Johnny" using PayPal. >> Buy Now!

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Short Film Pokes Fun at Johnny Appleseed

October 13, 2001 -- What happens when an aspiring New York television reporter comes home to cover the sale of the last apple orchard in the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed? The making of the mockumentary "We've got Johnny." >> More