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This tape I received from you has nothing on it. What did I pay 12.95 for. It has a short amount of tape explaining about Johnny A. I thought it would be a story of how he planted the trees. I am very unhappy with this tape I think you should either take it back and credit me or send me something with a movie on it. This has about 20 minutes and the rest is black. Please explain what this is and what good it is.

Note: Ethel's money was gladly refunded by Ace Writer/Producer Matt Proietti.


Leominster, MA


Thanks for sending out the tape, I just watched it. It was great! Great job with the editing! It turned out really well, when's the sequel? I liked the Angry Johnny song too. Again, great job on the flick!


Fitchburg, MA


I was impressed! Great job. The movie was funny, witty and interesting, not to mention Leslie is cute as hell. The filmography was done well too. I am going to buy a copy as soon as I get an extra few bucks.


Burbank, CA


The movie was hilarious. Just the right amount of humor and what a great story. That young lady who played the reporter, she should be on the big screen someday. The guy who played the mayor sucked big time but that was part of the humor.

The out takes were very funny and all in all, it was a great film and the cast, crew and producer should take a bow for a job well done. Would love to see We've Got Johnny part II in the near future.


Leominster, MA


"We've Got Johnny" but why do we want him?

It is the real-life people and the absurdity of a town's dedication to the American legend Johnny Appleseed that make the humorous backdrop of Plasticville Productions' film We've Got Johnny. From the rambling recitations of Sarah Jennings, the sage of the Johnny Appleseed Visitor Center, to the foolish, incomprehensible rantings of the Leominster High School football players to the misinformed ravings of the Johnny Appleseed impersonator at the festival in his honor, the absurdity of Leominster's love of Johnny Appleseed is the focus of this satirical short film.

The story itself seems too silly to be real; afterall, Johnny Chapman (Appleseed) moved from Leominster, Massachusetts before he planted any seeds, yet the town hails its reputation from this questionable legend.

The film's main plot has a reporter, Leslie Danner, return to her birthplace to do a news feature on the city's last apple orchard being up for sale. As the Leslie Danner character realizes she has been fooled by her married boyfriend/boss, she (and we the audience) realize that Leominster has also been fooled by the town administrators and PR personnel who have create this Johnny Appleseed mystique in order to make money!

In the process of this epiphany, the fictional news caster interviews a crazy cast of eccentric characters who defend Leominster's favorite son. These comical characters and their varied reactions to the controversy of Johnny Appleseed and the news reporter's inquiries are enhanced by the Rockabilly music, the inventory of apple facts (for you Macophiles out there!) and the wonderful antics of the side-kick camera man Jack.

All this helps make this short film humorous and fun! (The out-takes also add to the humor of the film!) Even though some people believe "Plastics is what Leominster is all about, not this Johnny Appleseed character", we've got Johnny, whether we want him or not!

This mock-umentary takes a droll swipe at "quaint Americana"! It's certainly an entertaining piece of American skepticism!


The Netherlands


I love the Johnny 3:16 scene. Anyway, enjoyed it. my wife was totally lost and understood absolutely nothing of it, understandably so. It is really for the 'local' crowd.


Princeton, MA


On the surface, this is a very entertaining shorty that everyone can appreciate. Beneath the surface, though, this is a tremendously complex discussion of localized civic society, its shameful perceptions of itself and the use of symbols to validate itself to its own citizens and the world.

An obviously amateur effort, this "no budget", non-professional film deserves kudos for its basic production and acting. However, the intelligence behind the writing and its presentation are truly awesome for such a short film.

The humorously presented facts work well to characterize the hypocrisy, the exploitation, and the misrepresentation of the actual significance of Johnny Appleseed and apples to this post-industrial Massachusetts city. Even more cleverly done however, the film makers shine a beam of light on the reality of Chapman, the reality of apples in history, and validate the benefit behind that civic pride and its motivation to preserve and honor the ancestry of one's own society.

Even as pathetic as the Chapman anthology may be for plastic rich Lemonstar, it shows that they are not alone in their grasping for an ideological and characteristic symbol of who or what they want to be represented (or remembered) by.

In this surprisingly sophisticated level of the movie, the filmmakers are able to show that unlike the known disgracefully disfiguring scars left on the health of people and the irreparable damage done to the environment in the irresponsible economic heyday of turn of-the-century industrial societies, the people gravitate, rather, toward a social symbol that is non-threatening, prideful and a source of rallying civic power.

In a world of big chairs, little lambs and big rocks, they've Got Johnny. Bravo.


Westboro, MA


The movie needs some sex scenes in it. I would recommend full frontal nudity in your next endeavor.

At least show some crack and ax wounds. (Film was excellent!)


Lawrence, KS


I watched it last night and I LOVED it!!!!

I thought it was hillarious. I also liked the dance mix and the other stuff in between. I lauged out loud at a bunch of parts. Especially at Steve Fluet saying "Ho, ho, ho, I'm Johnny Appleseed!" Also, who was under the Big Rock waving?! I loved the movie, You did so GOOD! I loved it! Good job! I just thought it was so great!


Angry Johnny
Amherst, MA


The apple movie was cool. I like apples.


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