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September 9, 2001

I have some time, after all. I'll send the script back to you today.

I liked the vegetarian/horse cruelty thing you added for Sarah/Moo.

Didn't we agree to soften Leslie's last line with Sarah to, "I wish I had an apple to stuff in your mouth"?[Andy Grant] Yes - but in your versions you never changed it so I thought you decided you liked it best. Don't sweat it for script - I have notes on three possible takes. That shot is just the one line so we can try as many versions as we can think of.

Leslie's statement, as she walks into the motel, about the city having a "renewed" vigor is out of place. "Renewed" from what? I fixed it somehow. I like the Cider Girls Club and other things.[Andy Grant] I didn't change anything on that line. Maybe you just thought you did. Either way I don't think it is a point you need to be concerned over.

I think we need to show Leslie doing the "You Can Do It" thing in the motel room, but we don't have to reinsert it now. I think it shows a connection from someone who is nervous psyching herself up to do a job that she can do -- she just needs more self-confidence.[Andy Grant] Agree. Also have the long version of motel scene that we can shoot. I imagine any sort of quiet time we discover while shooting - the Leslie be muttering things overcoming her accent or pumping her self up.

In Scene 6, you've got Leslie and Jack walking off down a hallway. Where are we going to shoot that? [Andy Grant] Hotel. As is we have to have them both at hotel room door. So wanted to make it worth the trip.

Are we using any of the updated reporting clips that I did? Not much is in the latest version you sent me. (Oh, I like using those exact figures about housing and acres, etc. They came off of the city's web site. I think using them shows why the city has such a sense of urgency in buying the orchard.) [Andy Grant] Housing numbers throw off whole mystery of what will the orchard become. Acreage is fine to use. I really didn't look at the updated reporting clips when I attacked the scripts. I don't see using it all - it is too serious, but we will shoot it.

What are we really going to call the professor? Honeydew will land us in court with Jim Henson Productions! I like his character. In fact, I think we should lengthen it. In reality, why would she interview a botanist for a piece about the orchard selling? Maybe he's advising the city on how make the center realistic? Like era-appropriate? [Andy Grant] Too much thought. This is a short. I intentionally have nobody using his name right now - so decision is only needed for graphic. If we used full name of muppet that might be an issue - but I'm only suggesting the last name. I'd prefer something funny - if it exists or we just name character after someone we want to - How about Grimace - the teacher. I don't even remember real name. Either way final decision isn't needed - maybe something will click.

I've got to go show property, so when I'm back, I'll review it, then send it along.


also on September 9, 2001

It's 5 a.m. and I just reread the whole thing. We partied last night and that always ruins my sleep.

Some thoughts: At the opening, can we somehow show that she's nervous in addition to her saying she is? Like she fumbles for the cell phone somehow? Mistakes a pack of pop-tarts (or something else that size) for the phone? [Andy Grant] Don't think its needed - but this is type of thing we can goof with while shooting. In Scene 2, should we add "so I don't get back here" or "so I haven't been back here" to "My folks live there now, too"? [Andy Grant] I think for final edit we will be deleting more lines than adding. But yes we can play with different lines.

Later in the same scene, after Sarah says, "Oh, a big shot?" is it a bit better for Leslie to say, "Well, no, this is my first story" (still sheepishly) than what we have here? [Andy Grant] The difference between this and script is barely noticeable. We'll let Alyson's comfort level decide final wording.

A few paragraphs later, when Sarah is talking about our rich plastics history, should she say "And before plastics technology," instead of "In the 1800s..." so people don't think we're saying plastic combs? [Andy Grant] Now that we have Sarah character with us - I would even drop the combs and have her whip out a flamingo and spork with pride. But don't' bother changing script - we can play with it shooting as opposed to keep giving cast more scripts.

In my most recent version, I had dumped the line about the county being ranked 47th in the nation for apple production because that's not impressive. Instead, I put the line about Massachusetts being ranked 15th in the nation, which was "pretty good for such a small state." What do you think? [Andy Grant] I thought you intentionally used unimpressive facts. I deleted "pretty good..." comment just to keep short factual pacing. I like her as sort of "rain man" of memorized apple facts.

Does Chuck have a 5 o'clock shadow? Should we ask him not to shave on Friday or Saturday during taping? [Andy Grant] I will tell him not to shave that week.

When Leslie and Jack are leaving for the orchard, after she says, "This is gonna be great!", how about he says, "I'm all giddy" instead of "Yeah." Or, "I'm all goosebumps." She could even say, "You, too?" [Andy Grant] My addition is just to have them talking while leave hotel. Leslie is excited - whatever Jack say is very sarcastic and unexcited. Can even throw in "I'm from here" - adding to why she is so excited When Leslie's explaining how Walter pushed for her to get the assignment, should we add the line, "He said I was a natural for it, being from here and all" so she communicates to Jack that she's a Leominster native?

Again, what about using the updated reporting clips I had. I definitely think we should use the specific size of the orchard (170-plus acres) if not the # of homes they were seeking approval to build there.

Jack's truck should definitely contain a chain saw.

How about the professor's name is Bettancourt?

During the professor's chat, he says "Apple trees grown from seeds don't make very tasty apples." How else do apple trees grow except from seeds? Do they splice" them, or whatever that's called? And maybe it should say they don't "produce" very tasty apples. [Andy Grant] Agree - plan to let Brian get this information across in whatever words are best for him.

His time on camera is screaming for him to go on further. [Andy Grant] I just put the minimum needed and don't want to add too much. But him growing from two comments to three or four is fine.

I am cutting the "Time flies" reference before "tempus fugit." I think it ruins it. And it shows she's not a total moron.

When Dante loses his cool, he should say, "Are you sure? Ox, mule, goat. My point is..." or "Ox, mule, goat, whatever. My point is..." but not a mixture of the two. It gets a bit wordy. Steve the comedian thought "Ox, mule, ferret," was funnier. What do you think?

Who can play Anna Maria? I hear her sounding exactly like the school secretary in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." [Andy Grant] Mrs. Fluet or Marie at Festival. OR there is a young girl here who good be good. Sort of a young librarian look to her. And she's Jewish - so could be behind the scenes joke. She is early 20's and probably looks younger. Plan was to try her the day we come to Cisco for Dante. I always imaged those lines from someone older - but being from some sort of Christian youth group zealot could add to it.

In Scene 14, maybe Dominic should try to take advantage of the rolling tape to sell apple butter to Leslie and viewers? He could gesture to a goon, or say, "Hey, Rocco," and a big guy steps up with the jar. Then he produces the candle a few paragraphs later. [Andy Grant] Prefer as is just due to length.

Did you drop (on purpose) the "woman" part where Dominic says, "Where is your civic pride, woman?" [Andy Grant] Added woman back In Scene 15, is it funnier for Leslie to say that Walter "always has his call phone with him. That...and hairspray" or, "That...and a mirror"? [Andy Grant] hairspray

When they're at the birth marker and she says the line about the "48 pounds of apples a year," she now says, "No, that includes processed apples." Should see say, "No, that includes processed apples like in juice, applesauce and pie filling," just like the motel clerk does? [Andy Grant] Prefer short and sweet

One page later, after she says Walter "pushed" for her to get the assignment, I think we should add "They were never going to run this" after she says, "Admit it." [Andy Grant] Against adding more lines

If Chuck nails the lines where he kind of freaks out about Johnny Appleseed not being a quitter, I don't think we need him to say, "God damn." But if he's kind of mild about it, it probably helps. [Andy Grant] As we discussed I think God Damn rules - and its Del's big contribution (I think)

We should add "We should finish it" after Leslie says, "No, no. You're right." [Andy Grant] Minor detail that can be resolved shooting. What was the better phrasing you suggested instead of "I couldn't tell whether or not you like me." [Andy Grant] Think you got this on phone. "My Mother can't tell if I like her." Short and sweet.

In Scene 17, in her reporting clip, she says "This marker shows the approximate location," but then he mentions it like maybe she didn't see it. How can we solve this? [Andy Grant] Think we got this - Jack's reference to it is moved further away. And as airless talent she could say her lines and note notice the implication or meaning until it is pointed out.

You may answer all of these in a phone call, but not now. I'm going back to sleep. Call me after 11 a.m. your time.


also on September 9, 2001

I'm adding comments in line. Added an earlier e-mail at bottom to respond to both. Most we hit on the phone.

RE: Director - agree, since everyone out here is novice I'll be there official voice - but as I've told everyone. Anyone can make comments & suggestions. It is an open set. So if you ask anyone you've just met to say something different or try again, I'm sure there will not be any issue. This will let everyone you know feel they are helping you out and everyone I know will feel they are helping me out - and everyone should get along and have fun. Or we'll huddle and make Del go tell them they're fired!

I added some of the tweaks we talked about on phone - like, changing order of lines in last scene, whether you like me... and stuff. Will add these comments to it tonight and then close the books.


also on September 9, 2001

The only stuff I'd like to add to the working script are:

  • In Scene 2, adding, "so I don't get back here" after the "My folks live there now, too."
  • Making Leslie say, "Well, no, this is my first story" to Sarah instead of the longer, disjointed thing that's there now.
  • Having Jack, after Leslie says "This is gonna be great!" in Scene 6, say, "I'm all giddy" or "I'm all goosebumps" instead of the simple, "Yeah." Use which one you like better.
  • I definitely like the "Tempus fugit" thing without the "Time flies" thing first. We can shoot it both ways, though, I guess.
  • When Walter's dumping Leslie, adding "They were never going to run this" to where she says, "Admit it." That's right before he hangs up on her.


also on September 9, 2001

Cool. Will do

RE: Tempus Fugit. I still haven't met anyone who knows what it means. Even Marie Martin-Fluet, educator. We'll shot it whatever way you like it, but I don't see it being in the final edited version.

Also just learned I didn't know "docent". Sue told me she had to look it up - then I decided I better too. I had never heard that one before and based on context I just took it as some sort of helpful yet loopy old woman. But it really is tour guide/lecturer -- much more official than I ever took an old lady who hangs out at rest area 24x7 to be.

So let me double check my take on Sarah so we don't confuse this Sue woman. I've been telling here - Sarah is helpful and serious but annoying and hopefully humorous to others. She varies between talking to Leslie, talking to herself and just orating out loud proudly to the world. She starts off normal and then is exposed through the scene to be weirder and weirder. I like Sarah being unclear - does she work there, just hanging out, homeless?

Also see her on lawn chair in front of the ATM/Soda kiosk. She can even say after introduction "Can I offer you a cold beverage or some ATM usage dear?". Don't need to throw into script - but those are extra tweaks I'm thinking of for the location.

Once Sarah gets caught up in stories and apple facts she is oblivious to Leslie or anyone's body language or comments. Get shots of Leslie checking her watch, CU tapping feet, get antsy. Since they are together now - I'm going to try to have some lines on top of each other - example - Sarah mentions plastics museum then continues on about plastics. During that same time Leslie is saying Well story is really only about apple orchards. Hopefully funnier because Sarah just keeps going - also don't have to worry about facts as much. Audience isn't hearing whole comb city story. -- just a theory, we'll see quickly if it works or not.

Also want to verify that Red Sox hat and apple apron will be making the trip with you. Anything else for Sarah? Oh yeah - at least one flamingo and some sporks to be safe. Del just learned his neighbor works in the real visitors center building - so we might be able to just use and return some stuff from inside. But I'm prepared to buy some crap if needed.


also on September 9, 2001

Yes, I'll bring the cap and apron. I'll ask my folks to get us a free flamingo, like they did for my Jimmy Buffet bachelor bash. All of their plastic contacts may be retired...or dead.

I'd love Sarah to appear as almost a renegade who works outside the visitor center, or at least have it unclear if she's "official" or not. She's definitely loony.



September 10, 2001

Got more archive stuff last night. So far, I have 120 articles on the rest area, Sholan Farm, the Apple Fest, and misc Johnny crap. This site will be the definitive place for Johnny! Not sure anyone but me will care, but it keeps me busy.

How did you make out with the bizz cards? I'm willing to help out with the cost, if need be.


also on September 10, 2001

Check out cards yourself if you have time. I kept getting tossed last night and today is finally a busy day. I got to look at the free templates and didn't see an apple or even red graphic option so maybe its worth the $20 and putting the logo you made. If you have time - order it.

Got an email from Matt saying since most people in flick know me perhaps I should be the official director.


September 10, 2001

Hi Andy,
At this point, Friday night is ok. I will be at Sholan on Saturday for opening. It starts at 10am and not sure how long I will be there but later in the day should be fine. The script came through fine. I will work on learning some of the lines. It might be best for you to call me as I am not working right not and am around most of the time or out for short periods. I will not say much about this so people won't know at the festival. I am anxious to try reading for you to make sure I will work out.

Hope it does.


September 11, 2001


The only problem I see on the schedule is that we're not scheduled to be at the hotel until Friday night. We can just rent it a day early, though. I was going to bail on the room Friday and Saturday, and just stay with my folks the whole time to save money and actually see them sometime. We're booked at the nice place down past the hospital. Is it a Sheraton? Will that be "too" nice for a place called the "Apple Shack"? We wouldn't need to get their permission would we? Let me know what to do.



September 11, 2001

I know we're all thinking of the plane crashes right now, but it gives Andy and me great pleasure -- well, OK, pleasure -- to forward y'all the final script. We definitely are open to adjustments in the field, but this is the last version you will see before then. Now we have to figure out if we have the nerve to board our flights next week.



September 12, 2001

I just spoke to Sue Gardner - she is still all set to be Sarah. She is sure the Festival will not be effected - in fact she is pulling together a vigil in Leominster for this sunday. She is very busy and kinda freaked out by all the recent mayhem, but thinks doing this will be a fun distraction. Official opening of orchard is this Saturday. We will meet her there to do some rehearsing on camera. I just have to call her Friday night to tell when to expect us. Thing starts at 10, so I don't think we should show much before 12 in case there is some sort of official thing going on. Does that work for you Del?

also on September 12, 2001


Since I have been glued to my TV the past 2 days, I haven't really touched the web site. Will continue with it tonight. Since city hall closes at noon on Saturday, do you want to head over a bit early, and we can stop by? I still want to get some cheesy quotes off the board, etc.


also on September 12, 2001

Sure. I'll shoot for your place for 11am?

Guess we won't know that this production will happen till it does. Logan is closed indefinatley - no idea how long it will take for scheduled flights to get close to normal. Supposed to go to Mellencamp tonight - not sure if i care. Fillipov's brother was on CBS this morning. Even in the mayhem I am tech support - Fran called from Jeff's last night at 11pm cuz they couldn't email photos from AOL.

also on September 12, 2001

Thanks for the update. I talked to Alyson last night and she, too, was wondering if the festival was being canceled.

As far as her wardrobe, she is planning to wear overalls, a T-shirt and sandals for the driving scene. Something comfortable. Hair in a ponytail. Sunglasses or not? Your call, Andy. For the motel scene, she has yellow flannel pajames with white snowflakes on them and leopard skin slippers. Her reporting outfit is a professional-looking solid black top (it's what she wore for her latest job interview), solid black skirt with lavender flowers just at the very bottom on one side and solid black pumps. Why, typing this, do I sound gay?



September 15, 2001


Though you're getting this email from my military account, I have NOT been called onto active duty -- yet! This is my regular Reserve weekend, though it certainly doesn't feel regular around here. Highest security I've seen in my (nearly) 17 years in the Air Force. Right outside my window is the base flag pole with Old Glory flying at half-staff, with palm trees around it, no less. I just banged out the commentary below, and I wanted to share it with you.

See most of you very soon. We fly back there Tuesday. And, don't forget, Plasticville Productions is taping "We've Got Johnny" next Wednesday through Saturday. If at all possible, please come to the Johnny Appleseed Festival on Saturday, Sept. 22, so we can interview you on tape for possible inclusion in our short movie. I believe we are aiming for the morning, but will likely be there through at least the early afternoon.

Thanks, Matt


September 16, 2001

Del, Matt,
Here is list of signs and crap. Matt give us some comments about any being good or shitty or ideas for more. I think if we have 3 pro and 2 anti orchard that would be enough.

'Had another idea to throw stuff around AAA and even Kiosk. Just print out clip art apples and Johnny images we found online. Instead of shopping for and buying cheesy crap - just make our own. I'll try with what I have at work - just with a color laser printer. I'll trace the Johnny cartoons in flash or something and re-size to fill normal printed page and see how they are. Could even have some save orchard signs in AAA window too - even bad hand drawn kid stuff to cover shit on front door or something.

Here are all the sign ideas.

  • Johnny's Apple Shack Motel - two different ones/sizes
  • Johnny 3:16
  • Protesters\
  • I Love Apples -- with traditional heart clip art and apple clip art, like I love NY
  • We've Got Johnny
  • Save Our Orchard
  • We Love Johnny
  • Pave the Orchard - We Need More Parking Lots
  • Johnny Liked Living In The Woods - But I Don't
  • Screw (clip art?) the Orchard - We Need More Malls
  • Build Plastic World Theme Park
  • World's Got Plenty of Trees
  • Leominster's Favorite Son - Johnny Appleseed
  • Maybe - bad little kid ones SOAP - save our orchards please

Found these ideas in old notes from Matt. I thought more ideas bounced around. But I just looked through all my saved e-mail - these are from earlier scripts.

  • An Apple A Day Keeps The Fascists Away
  • One Bad Apple Orchard Ruins The Whole City

Props and shit:

  • For Sarah - lawn chair (I have one and will ask Sue to bring hers), clothes (Matt) Pink Flamingo, Sporks
  • AAA - signs/decorations/flyers, IMac

September 27, 2001

Here is the script for you. Current plan is for Thursday afternoon - we'll be shooting outside so weather will matter. Your normal business casual clothing will be fine. We'll walk through it a couple times and shoot it a couple times but have you back to work before you miss anything exciting. I'm only here tomorrow - if you give me your home number I'll touch base with you Wednesday night to confirm it all.


also on September 27, 2001

Thanks Andy,
978-xxx-xxx is my home number. Is this guy suppose to be serious? A doof? What sort of personality am I suppose to put into this? I promise not to overact.



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