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Alyson Ridlon:
Leslie Danner

Alyson has been acting all her life - mostly on stage - (from kindergarten and all through high school in Lake Arrowhead California) and then after high school she went to an open audition for extras in the Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do" which she got, (and mainly ended up on the cutting room floor) after four months of 18 hour days of filming. But there are some great crowd scenes if you have zoom and slow motion.

Alyson has auditioned for two movies since she moved to Kansas (got callbacks on an independent film but didn't make the final cut) and she auditioned for the Al Pacino movie "Simone" which ended up not casting a lead girl after all, but the lead girl will be digital. So she doesn't feel too bad - it's easier to lose a part to a CGI actress than a real person.


Chuck Smith:
Jack LeBlanc

After graduating high school, Chuck tore through four colleges in five years. He finished up at Fitchburg State College (home of the Big Rock) with a degree in Marketing. The last 14 years has seen Chuck pass through a number of high-tech start-ups, doing anything needed by his blood-sucking bosses (and I mean anything). Chuck has appeared as a stand-up comic at many of the top comedy clubs in Massachusetts, including Nick's Comedy Stop, Catch a Rising Star, and the Comedy Vault, and was a semi-finalist in the WBCN Laugh Riot. Chuck currently resides in Pepperell, Massachusetts (home of nothing), and lives with his wife of 11 years and two children -- a lovely girl of six and an unruly boy of three.


Sue Gardner:
Sarah Jennings

Sue maintains the history and genealogy of Leominster web site and is part of the Nashaway Genealogical Society. You can often find Sue around town spouting facts about Leominster, so she seemed a natural fit to be sitting at the Johnny Appleseed Visitor Center spouting apple facts.


Bryan Whitmore:
Motel Clerk

Orphaned during a nuclear testing accident in the 50's, Bryan was rescued and cared for by coyotes in the badlands of Nevada. At the tender age of 4 he was abducted by aliens. He returned to earth in 1997, with an apparent physiological age of 17 years. Confounding lifestyle choices that would pickle an ordinary human, he remains impervious to immersion in alcohol and other chemicals. By day he plays the role of a technologist. By night he is a dark vigilante super hero, or perhaps a party juggernaut. He remains an enigma of medical science. "Got Johnny" is Bryan's first role where he performed clothed.


Matt Proietti:
Mayor Dominic Refrigeri III

It is often said, "Matt was born to be a politician" - so, it wasn't much of a stretch for him to play the part of Leominster's Mayor. In his spare time, he can be seen kissing babies, and helping the elderly cross the street. Matt is also a member of many local organizations in his hometown of Lake Arrowhead, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Mountain Kids Christmas Fund board of directors, a wine group and a former member of the Rotary. He's also a member of the Rim of the World Association of Realtors.


Brian Grundei:
Professor MacIntosh

Brian has taken the role of Professor MacIntosh a little too seriously and has become quite a cider expert.


Mike Paratore:
Dante Piermarini

Bio Coming Soon. Or, maybe he doesn't realize he has to submit one. Hey, I know a few people Mike has worked with in the past. Maybe I could get them to write a bio...


Jill Shapiro:
Anna Maria Dinnocenzo

Jill graduated from American University in Washington, DC with a degree in Communications, (after a brief run-in with politics).

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Unnatural red hair and a deceivingly nice smile
  • Strengths: In touch with the third dimension (dementia???)
  • Weaknesses: Anything related to geography, chocolate, cats (P-Nut and Funkapuss)
  • Interests: Music, travel, wine, photography, sailing, shopping, cooking
  • Dislikes: Terrorists, long commutes, Boston drivers, tarantulas (after having one as a pet)
  • Career Highlight: Joining the Johnny Appleseed production

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AF Grant:
Director, Director of Photography, Additional Photography, Camera Loader, Camera Operator, Casting Director, Co-Producer, Music Supervisor, Transportation Coordinator, Location Scout, Post-Production Supervisor, Editor

AF has been in film and video production for over 12 years. He has served as producer, director, camera operator, editor and more on wide range of television productions from commercials and news to sports and award winning comedies. Past awards include:

  • 1993 CableACE Award, Comedy/Variety Series; “Cool Stuff”
  • 1992 Outstanding Achievement Award, Cable Television Producer’s Assoc.
  • 1992 Massachusetts Community Television Contest; Best Series
  • 1991 Hometown USA Video Festival Finalist
  • 1990 UMass Film/Video Award; Best Documentary

In the late 90's AF attempted to get into more film work and served as production assistant and assistant director on independent features and shorts but quickly ended up turning to the Web and riding the high-tech boom. Only the lure of Johnny Appleseed could bring him back to the world of entertainment production.


Brian DelGiudice:
Still Photographer, Associate Producer, Boom Operator, Assistant Property Master, Web Designer

Previous to "Johnny", Brian's career highlights include; flunking out of a local Community College, living in a van after landing some temp job in New Hampshire (the money was good, but the commute was just too long from Massachusetts), teaching at a parochial school, moving to southern California (twice!), steam-cleaning the grease behind the grills at McDonalds (he was the wet vac guy).

Somehow, Brian went on to become an award winning photojournalist working at newspapers such as the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise, Worcester Telegram and Lake Arrowhead Mountain News. Brian has successfully parlayed that van-living, porn-owning experience into the Health Care, Biotechnology and Hi-Tech industries where he has many publishing credits including CD-ROMs, surgical videos and University text book with Tufts University, Genzyme and Convergent Networks.


Matt Proietti:
Screenplay, Script Supervisor, Script Editing, Creator, Co-Producer, Dialogue Coach, Prompter,

After graduating Leominster High School, Matt joined the Air Force and was a staff writer and, later, editor of weekly civilian newspapers (Mountain News in Lake Arrowhead, and the Courier-News in Crestline) for nine years. During that time, he was editor of a monthly Air Force Reserve paper, too. Matt has won the Thomas Jefferson Award, the top "prize" in U.S. military journalism four times. He is also a frequent speaker at military journalism conferences. Currently, Matt also writes a humor/general interest column for a bimonthly magazine, "On the Mountain." His longtime goal is to finish a book he's writing set in a fictional city that is, basically, Leominster.


Jeff Aubuchon & Steve Fluet:
Location Manager, Art Director, Production Assistant, Crewmembers, Driver, Property Assistant, General Lurkers

Jeff Aubuchon - Jeff started his show biz career at the early age of 5 when he appeared on the Bozo the Clown show as audience member #19. For his outstanding performance, he received a Bozo bath sponge. Like most child stars, his teen years were tough. He worked as a projectionist at the local movie theater while dreaming of a comeback. Finally his big break came when he performed with the cast of The Brady Bunch Live in Boston at The Charles Playhouse. His juggling apples while eating them earned him a standing ovation from the jammed packed crowd and one Brady Bunch condom. Since then, Jeff has made several television appearances, including WWF's RAW is WAR, where he appeared with fellow Plasticville native Jan Martino as audience member #9875, receiving "hi fives" from Animal and Hawk, The Road Warriors. He also appeared in The Best of Woodstock 94 on pay per view with cousin Matt Aubuchon as "guy watching naked chicks bathe". Jeff now enjoys life outside the spotlight, where he prefers.

Steve Fluet - It has been over fifteen years since Steve has appeared on the big screen. His dynamic portrayal of Dr, McGuillicudy in the cult classic "Wrestlemania" drew great reviews from fans and critics alike. Steve "The Flu" could not adapt to the Hollywood lifestyle and the empty shallowness associated with fame. In 1986 he quit the "business" and went to UMASS where he met AF Grant. It was at UMASS where the Flu decided to pursue one of his many career paths outside of acting.

Mr. Fluet presently is the owner and operator of Eastside Landscaping based in Johnny's hometown of Leominster. He continues to work for AF Grant on a weekly basis (cutting his grass). He has a beautiful wife and daughter and they make their home in Johnny's old neighborhood. Instead of appearing in "We've Got Johnny", the Flu provided Bertha, the big ugly green truck for many of the film's key scenes. Steve also provided technical assistance.

The Flu enjoys the quiet life with his family and is looking forward to the upcoming snowboarding season. He continues to help those in need by reaching out and performing his court ordered community service.