PlasticVille's Award Winning Shorts on DVD

Bunny Finally the wait is over!

You can now own two of the finest no-budget comedy shorts ever made... by us.

JohnnyThis Collector's Edition DVD includes the award winning short films:
"We've Got Johnny" and
"The First Easter Bunny"

Save your money! You can watch them both for free online.
"We've Got Johnny" - "The First Easter Bunny"

DVD's are sold out and we don't plan on making anymore. So enjoy the shorts for free online.

"We've Got Johnny" and "The First Easter Bunny": DVD Collector's Edition

$18.99 each

Price includes shipping within the U.S. - Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. If you live outside the United State you probably won't get the jokes anyway, so don't bother ordering.
These shorts are not rated and contain some adult language.


DVD Special Features Include:

  • Filmmaker's Commentary for Both Shorts.
    You can learn how-to (or how-not-to) make a short of your very own by listening to the wise words of AF Grant, Chuck Smith & Del.
  • A stills gallery of behind-the-scenes shots from "The First Easter"
  • Plus hidden extras including deleted scenes, bloopers and other crap.

If you don't expect slick packaging or even any packaging at all, then you probably won't be disappointed. After all we spend more money on wrap parties than on our productions, so we sure as hell didn't waste much on making these DVDs. The price is just enough to cover costs and throw a few bucks towards festival entry fees. All ordering securely handled by PayPal. We thank you for your support.

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* These productions are "shorts" not features. "Johnny" is about twenty minutes long, "Bunny" is about 15 minutes in length. This disclaimer is required due to idiocy of previous purchasers. Thank You.

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