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Bunny was screened Saturday Sept 27, 2003 at the Lake Arrowhead CA Film Festival. Read the full report. (9/29/03)
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"The First Easter Bunny" Press Release (4/1/2003)

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT - The First Easter Bunny is a comedic short film about the rise and fall of the original Easter Bunny and his hometown of Fitchburg Massachusetts. Wh-wh-what? You didn't know the Easter Bunny was from Fitchburg?Home of The First Easter Bunny

The city posted signs saying so -- so it must certainly be true.

STILL DON'T BELIEVE US? See for yourself in these articles from local newspapers mentioning the mysterious signs, an Easter Bunny sculpture, and the tale of a badly drawn bunny.

WHAT'S ON THE SITE - Poke around and hunt down some Easter Eggs to learn more about the movie. Read the Production Diary, check out the Cast & Crew, teach yourself The Easter Bunny Theme, and take a sneak peak into the Bunny's Workshop.

STUFF TO BUY - This film can only be seen at AF Grant's house, Film Festivals, or you can buy your own copy. We also offer plenty of other merchandise to support our humble cause. Or, feel free to browse the production stills at

EVERYTHING ELSE - Play the thrilling First Easter Bunny Puzzle Game.

Check out the prophetic fortune received by Producer Brian DelGiudice during The First Easter Bunny production.

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