The First Easter Bunny - Worldwide Short Film Festival


From : "Mary Jane Bolton" <>
To : <>
Subject : World Wide Short Film Festival
Date : Fri, 9 May 2003 13:10:56 -0400

Dear Filmmaker:

Thank you for entering your short film for the 2003 Canadian Film Centre's
Worldwide Short Film Festival. However I regret to inform you that your film
was not selected for this year's festival - we were faced with the very
difficult task of selecting only 180 films and videos from over 2,100
submissions, the largest amount to date.

This year's Festival will run from June 3-8 in Toronto and will feature,
aside from competitive screenings, a Symposium, a Business Centre and
special screenings including a spotlight on Brazil, Sci-Fi shorts, Midnight
Mania and Classic Silent Comedies. Your submission tape will be available
for viewing at the Video Library and your contact information will be
published in our Marketplace Guide, provided to all Festival Delegates. Last
year over 200 shorts were picked up for broadcast or distribution as a
result of being included in the Video Library.

We do hope that you will be able to attend this year's Festival. We have
introduced a Do-It-All Festival Pass, providing access to all screening and
symposium events for $170. As a special offer to all filmmakers who
submitted work to the Festival, if you purchase this pass we will include
invitations to all Festival parties. These invitations are usually only
available to registered delegates and will give you the opportunity to meet
and network with filmmakers, buyers and distributors from Canada and around
the world. For further information please email Mary Jane Bolton at This offer is available for a limited time
only. Please
visit our website, where you will find screening
times, locations and other helpful information.

We appreciate your interest in the Worldwide Short Film Festival and
encourage you to continue submitting your work in the future.

Best regards,

Shane Smith
Canadian Film Centre's
Worldwide Short Film Festival

Mary Jane Bolton
Film Traffic Assistant
Worldwide Short Film Festival
June 3-8, 2003

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