The First Easter Bunny - F4 Film Festival


F4 Report -- AF Grant

"The First Easter Bunny" screened Saturday, April 12, 2003 at the F4 Festival in Fitchburg MA. The screening went very well with everyone in attendance laughing heartily and appropriately. It was good to see strangers laughing at little things that had stopped being funny to me about 500 viewings ago. A few people were laughing hysterically through the whole thing - and since it was only about 5pm, I don't even think they were drunk.

Two-Time Defending Audience Award Champions
We even won the coveted Audience Award again this year! It was pretty much a slam dunk since the First Easter Bunny and F4 both hail from Fitchburg. Our first short, "We've Got Johnny", won this very award last year, "Johnny" mocked neighboring Leominster.

The Easter Bunny himself (E to his closest friends) was on hand to help promote the screening and meet some fans. Filmmakers from around the country got the chance to meet and mingle with Bunny.

During the Q&A after the screening one young man asked if I had also directed "We've Got Johnny". When I told him yes, he said these were two of the funniest things he's ever seen. So if I can just clone him a few thousand times -- we could really go places.

We also got some decent press attention and should have stories coming up for Easter Sunday in the Boston Globe and Leominster/Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise.


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