The First Easter Bunny - Cast and Crew
The First Easter Bunny
The Movie
Cast & Crew
Bunny's Workshop
Kid #1 (a.k.a. The Boy) Carson Smith
Kid #2 Marissa Smith
Jack LeBlanc (Narrator) Chuck Smith
Kid #3 Samantha Roberts
Kid #4 Justin Roberts
Man on Street Mike Paratore
Woman on Street Lori Grant
Teen Geran Smith
Killer Rabbit Victim Brian DelGiudice
Scientist #1 Robert Thomas
Scientist #2 W. Trent Richardson
The Easter Bunny Himself
Guidance Counselor Brian Grundei
Santa/Cupid Gary Mucha
All Purpose Holiday Kid Joey Savoie
Elf #1 Mike Epstein
Elf #2 Nancy Epstein
Young Thug Geran Smith
Bunny's Mom Mari Davila
Mrs. Easter Bunny Jill Shapiro
The Mayor Jan Martino
Candy Exec #1 Jennifer McAdams
Candy Exec #2 Kevin McAdams
The Leprechaun Steve Fluet
Hot Tub Honey Michaelene Gaudet
Mom in Park Michele Gaudet-Smith
Extras Jeff Aubuchon, Cody, Nick DelGiudice, Anthony DeLuca, Karna Fedor, Gabrielle Fluet, Madeline Gaudet, AF Grant, Lori Grant, Sophia Hytinen, Andrew Perodeau, Mary Robinson & Larry The Lizard

Easter Bunny's Porsche courtesy of Greg Ames

Executive Producer AF Grant
Producers AF Grant & Brian DelGiudice
Associate Producer Chuck Smith
Director AF Grant
2nd AD/Kid Wrangler Chuck Smith
Screenplay Chuck Smith & AF Grant
Camera AF Grant, Brian DelGiudice
Audio Brian DelGiudice
Editor AF Grant
Art Director Brian DelGiudice
Script Supervisor Lori Grant
Best Boy Kevin McAdams
Key Grip Lori Grant
Wardrobe Lori Grant, Betty Clarke
Prop Master Brian DelGiudice
Make-up Lori Grant
Still Photographers Brian DelGiudice, Lori Grant
Craft Services Lori Grant, Michele Gaudet-Smith
Location Coordinator Jennifer McAdams
Production Assistants Troy Roberts, Geran Smith
Bunny Wranglers Chuck Smith
  Brian DelGiudice


Nick DelGiudice


AF Grant


Lori Grant


Francis Guillemette

First Easter Bunny Theme, written & performed by
Dan Schaarschmidt

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