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DelBrian DelGiudice (Del): Producer, Still Photographer, Boom Operator, Web Guy

Del's career highlights include; flunking out of a local Community College, living in a van for a temp job in New Hampshire, teaching at a parochial school, moving to southern California (twice!), and steam-cleaning the grease behind the grills at McDonalds.

Somehow, Del went on to become an award winning photojournalist working at newspapers such as the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise, Worcester Telegram and Lake Arrowhead Mountain News. Brian has successfully parlayed that van-living, porn-owning experience into the Health Care, Biotechnology and Hi-Tech industries where he has many publishing credits including CD-ROMs, surgical videos and University text book with Tufts University, Genzyme and Convergent Networks. Del also maintains a mysterious corporation -- Lemonstar.

Del has had integral roles behind and in front of the camera on PlasticVille Productions'
We've Got Johnny and The First Easter Bunny. You can beg Del at

AFAF Grant: Producer, Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor, Web Guy

AF has been in film and video production for over 12 years. He has served as producer, director, camera operator, editor and more on wide range of television productions from commercials and news to sports and the award winning comedy series "Cool Stuff" -- which unleashed E!'s Art Mann upon the world.

Since cheesy video jobs don't pay crap, AF went into web design for high-tech companies who didn't know any better. He currently works as a mindless drone in a cube somewhere in Massachusetts and is thankful that the owners of PlasticVille Productions have given him a creative outlet. You can learn more about AF at

AF has been a major force behind
We've Got Johnny and The First Easter Bunny. Contact AF at

Matt Proietti: Writer, Producer, Actor, Defender of the Free World (US Air Force Reserves)

After graduating Leominster High School, Matt joined the Air Force and was a staff writer and, later, editor of weekly civilian newspapers (Mountain News in Lake Arrowhead, and the Courier-News in Crestline) for nine years. During that time, he was editor of a monthly Air Force Reserve paper, too. Matt has won the Thomas Jefferson Award, the top "prize" in U.S. military journalism four times. He is also a frequent speaker at military journalism conferences. Currently, Matt also writes a humor/general interest column for a bimonthly magazine, "On the Mountain." His longtime goal is to finish a book he's writing set in a fictional city that is, basically, Leominster. You can really learn more about Matt anywhere.

Matt wrote PlasticVille Production's premiere project We've Got Johnny and is the leader of the West Coast Unit. Matt is currently working on a top-secret goat short. Bother Matt at

Chuck Smith: Writer, Producer, Actor, Director of Unruly Children.

After graduating high school, Chuck tore through four colleges in five years. He finished up at Fitchburg State College (home of the Big Rock) with a degree in Marketing. The last 14 years has seen Chuck pass through a number of high-tech start-ups, doing anything needed by his blood-sucking bosses (and I mean anything). Chuck has appeared as a stand-up comic at many of the top comedy clubs in Massachusetts, including Nick's Comedy Stop, Catch a Rising Star, and the Comedy Vault, and was a semi-finalist in the WBCN Laugh Riot. Chuck currently is an anonymous cog at an anonymous high-tech corporation. Mr. Smith resides in Pepperell, Massachusetts (home of nothing), where he lives with his wife of 11 years and two children -- a lovely girl of six and an unruly boy of three. You can did deeper into all that is Chuck at

Chuck plays the same character (Jack LeBlanc) in
We've Got Johnny and The First Easter Bunny. You can reach Jack, I mean Chuck at

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